14 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Blog

Do you want to make your blog better? Are you looking for new, easy strategies to improve your blog’s value? Perhaps you’re seeking to increase your readership? Gather app It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging, or if you just graduated from newbie to “A-List” status, you should always be striving to improve your blog.

The ’90s are over…. you can’t just duplicate the blueprint of veteran bloggers and expect it to work for you. Sometimes, however, in the crush of our daily duties, we don’t always have ample time to focus on improving and enhancing our blog.

Don’t panic. Don’t lose hope. I’m going to walk you through 14 guaranteed ways to help you improve your blog right now!

Why Improve Your Blog? All of us want to make progress, right? To be perfectly blunt, we should strive to make everything we do better. Improvement not only signifies that you’re a change agent, but growth and maturity as well.
And let’s face it. Times have changed. Relationship building is at an all time high and your blog deserves better treatment. Another point worth mentioning is that web users are seeking new people with new concepts and unique personalities. Believe it or not, your blog tells the tale…. you don’t have to say a word.

So here’s the list of 14 guaranteed ways that will help you improve your blog:

#1: ALWAYS Provide a Clear Call to Action Don’t be timid or passive when telling your readers what action you want them to take. Spell it out.
For example, at the end of each of my posts, the goal is for you to leave a comment and then spread the word by sharing it with your Twitter and Facebook friends. Catching their attention with a badge at the beginning of your posts works well too. I call them “take-action-now” boxes. Many bloggers engage in this tactic.
Of the 14 guaranteed ways to improve your blog, this one is the most powerful and rewarding.

Marie Forleo places a “take-action-now” box at the top of her posts on her blog.

#2: Only Publish “Real” Comments On Your BlogAhhhh, yes. The life of a spammer. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who commented on your blog was “real” and sought to provide genuine, valuable commentary?
Don’t you just love the folks who send you to a http://search.suddenlink.net/index.php?origURL=http%3A//googe/&r= page?

Let me share a personal story to illustrate this…
About three weeks ago, this blog was launched and I was super excited!! Within a week, I had ten comments. Feelings of gladness welled up in me because I had just started my blog, had not done any promotions, and people were already commenting.

However, I soon learned that what my inbox was flooded with was a group of spammers who wanted attention. Here’s the deal. You only want to accept real comments from real people who are genuinely interested in you and your content. How do you do this?

You can stop spammers in their track by installing and activating the Akismet plugin. Akismet is your spam blocker! It’s a web program that determines if comments resemble spam or not. Don’t be tempted to accept spam comments.. it’s not worth your reputation or time.

Yeah comments make your blog look better, but what’s a spammer going to do for your blog? Trust me, if you have great information, it’s only a matter of time before real people start commenting on your blog.

#3: Craft a Customer-Driven About PageRegardless of “your goal”, you want to make sure that your readers benefit from what you’re offering and you do this by crafting an effective about page.

g#4: Purchase a Keyword Rich Domain Don’t just be another blogger. Blog with a purpose. Your customers are looking for you, but can they find you? Seriously? Can they find you? Think about what you offer and try to incorporate that within your domain name.
For instance, if you want to teach men how to lose weight don’t buy anything like weightloss.com. Instead, purchase something like: helpingmenloseweight.com, howmenloseweight.com, or weightlossformen.com. Not only will your customers be able to find you based on the keyword density in your domain, but search engines will index and rank your blog faster.
Get it? Got it? Good.

#5: Don’t Copy Anyone Else’s Site DesignWhile creating the design for my blog, it didn’t take me long to notice that there were a TON of women rocking the same identical web design.
Not that it’s already bad enough that all of them are trying to teach people how to cook. Uh, do you actually think you will gain notoriety by looking just like someone else? You will, but you will known as a copy cat.
Let’s get something straight. We all need guidance, but if someone visits your site and every person’s site listed in your blogroll looks just like yours….mmmh…… how will that differentiate you from the crowd?

#6: Publish Actionable Content By now, you’ve probably heard that content is king and every piece you write should be unique. But what about the actionable factor?
Try this: don’t just write content for the sake of writing content. Produce and publish material that will allow people to take immediate action.

#6: Get a Google Analytics Account (It’s FREE )You need to know where your readers are coming from and how long they visit certain pages on your blog. Most women hide in the closet when the discussion of testing arises, but in this case it’s free, necessary, and extremely easy.
Link all of your main pages into the system and you’re good to go!

#7: Limit the Amount of Buttons on Your Blog This is a tough one. A lot of you looooove your navigation buttons, but if new visitors visit your site and don’t know what to do or where to go, the reality is that they are going to leave.
Why do you think so many people have high bounce rates? It’s not just because they person didn’t want what you offered.. it’s because they didn’t know what to freakin’ do. Too many options cause people to not take action.
It’s time out for all of these buttons- about me, about you, daily ramblings, photos of me and my friends, blogging tips, social media tips, personal development, the cow jumped over the moon- hell, as a visitor I would be asking: What do you want me to do? Give people one, no more than three simple actions to take.

#8: Stop Watching and Start Doing Why is “Tina” successful and you’re not? Is it because she knows a pro-blogger? Maybe it’s because she had a sincere desire to make money from her blog? Better yet, it may be because she has long hair and pretty skin? Are you kidding me?
“Tina” knows all to well the power of taking action. You see, its easy to see someone else do something and its even easier not to do something because we don’t want people to say we failed. Failure is a part of success.
Start taking action and stop watching other folks reap the benefits of their hard labor.

#9: Release Your True PersonalityBe fully yourself. Connect with you. Never use foul language or call anyone stupid, but it pays to inject your voice into your writing. If you want to say hell, say hell.
Most women create this fake person and they find themselves not being able to commit to this fake person. When you’re real, you don’t have to work on personality consistency.

#10: Publish New Content RegularlyNow it’s not my contractual obligation to tell you when or how often you should publish new content to your blog.
However, you need to get in the rhythm of posting on a regular basis. Whether it be once a week or three times a week, devise a rational schedule and stick to it.

#11: Make Sure Your Permalinks Are SEO ReadySo how do you ensure that your blog permalinks are SEO ready? By default, your permalink is set to look like this: http://www.blogspotforwomen.com/?p=123. **more training on this topic next week**

#12: Create “Clickable Headlines”Famous advertising guru, David Ogilvy stated that the headline is worth 80 percent of all sales letters. Need I say more?

#13: Write Content Targeted At a Singular Niche Community For some of us, it seems strange that we would only be known for and write about one thing. But it does you no good, as one author wrote, to throw a bunch of mud at the wall hoping it sticks.

If you visit a blog were the author is discussing self-improvement, Internet Marketing, sports, relationships, and any other topics that are not singualr niche market focused, RUN! This is one of the most vulnerable and dangerous positions you can be in when trying to make money from your blog.
It’s true. Your customers do want more information, but they want more information about one specific topic. In order for you to gain that “competitive edge” and compete with the other billion bloggers out there, you must focus on crafting messages for a targted group of people.
#14: Link to Your Other PostsInterlinking….one of the easiest yet most overlooked, rarely practiced strategies in blogging. Don’t wait for other people to link to your content or comb through your archives. Make them aware of it by linking (when possible) to other blog posts throughout other posts that you’ve written.
This not only assists you with your SEO efforts, but it also places fresh content in front of them.
ConclusionSo there you have it! Those are the 14 guaranteed ways to improve your blog right now!
Have you considered how these 14 ways could positively impact your business? What changes have you made to your blog this year or in the past three years? Let’s get the discussion going. Don’t forget to share this post with all of your Twitter and Facebook friends.

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